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1.Health Environment

(1) Dengue Fever Prevention

(2) Drinking-Water Safety Management  

(3) Restaurant Hygiene Supervision

(4) Medical Waste Disposal

(5) Classroom Lighting Inspection

2. Health Service

(1)Outpatient Service

(2)Student and Staff Health Examination and Follow-ups

(3)Accident & Injury Treatment

(4) Infectious Disease Control & Prevention

(5)Chest X-ray Examination

(6) Breastfeeding Room

3. Health Education

(1)Health Education Seminars

(2)Training for Hygiene & Food Nutrition Student Cadre

4.Health Promotion

(1)Hygiene-Volunteer Training Program

 Campus Epidemic Surveillance Network

(2)Health Promotion Activity

5.Labor safety and health education business

  1. Assist the faculty and staff of the school with health examination, save health examination reports, statistically analyze report results, implement health management, abnormal tracking and health guidance.
  2. Management, preservation, analysis and health guidance of physical examination for new recruits.
  3. Implement four labor protection plans of Ministry of Labor.
  4. Assist occupational health services of an occupational medicine doctor.
  5. Planning and implementation of health promotion and health activities for the faculty and staff of the school.